Import_AC_Repairs_Tempe_AZAnyone who has experienced the misfortune of needing car A/C repair in Tempe AZ knows the importance of quality Air Conditioning repair. Tempe residents often view their vehicles like a sanctuary during the summer, because during the hottest months of the year, most people are able to keep their vehicles cooler than their homes. Ultimately, no matter what you drive, you will eventually need to conduct vehicle AC Repair, because our climate almost certainly requires a place where you can keep cool, no matter where you are headed.

In all actuality, keeping your Car AC in perfect working order is actually less expensive than you might imagine. Much like any system in your vehicle, it is far easier on the bank account to undergo routine inspections and maintenance than to wait for a problem to surface and pay for repairs. The fact is that the vehicle air conditioning system is made up of a few parts that rely on each other to keep your vents blowing ice cubes. If one of these components experiences a failure, the other parts are affected and cause the cost of the repair to increase.

  • Compressor - The compressor is effectively the most important component to the operation of your air conditioner. The compressor is the part which physically pumps the refrigerant through the system and is one of the portions which changes the state of the Freon from liquid to gas. Because of the labor intensive role of the compressor, it will eventually wear out. However, there are some minor maintenance procedures that can extend the life of this expensive component.
  • Condenser - the substance which acts as the refrigerant in your car A/C is known as Freon. Freon has some very interesting properties which causes it change temperature as it expands and contracts. The condenser is charged with removing the heat that Freon has collected along its journey and reverts Freon to a liquid state.
  • Drier/receiver - your vehicles AC is designed to be a closed system, it is important to ensure that any outside contaminants, such as water, are removed from the system before they are allowed to affect the system. The receiver/drier effectively filters out these contaminants and keeps the system operating. If this component experiences trouble, you may experience water freezing in your system which can cause it to fail temporarily.
  • Thermal expansion valve - Helps regulate the amount of coolant that is used at any one time to cool the vehicle. This is essentially a mechanical gate that helps regulate temperature.

Car_AC_Repair_Phoenix_AZ_Another thing to take into account is the level of Freon that is present in the AC system. If a leak has developed in the air conditioning lines, or through the compressor, the amount of Freon will be insufficient to cool the vehicle and cause the system to work overtime to compensate. Many drivers will experience a marked decrease in performance from their air conditioning when this occurs. Because Freon also acts as the lubricant, insufficient Freon can also cause the compressor to experience serious problems prematurely.

When all is said and done, many of our customers find it helpful to bring in their vehicle for an AC inspection once a year to ensure that all is as it should be. This kind of game plan often helps a vehicles air conditioning system last for quite a long time before it requires any major service.

We at Arizona Import Specialists know the importance of a perfectly operating air conditioner in our state. Don’t let the heat become a major factor in the enjoyment of your vehicle. Call us today if you have any questions or need an AC service, We pride ourselves in accommodating our customers schedules and helping make sure that your schedule is disrupted as little as possible.