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  • Brake Repair

    The brake system is built with the combination of parts that are designed to wear out and those more durable parts. By replacing the wear items (shoes, pads, and fluid) we prevent the destruction of the durable parts (rotors, cylinders, or electronics) The wear items can either be replaced at strict intervals or inspected regularly.

    Each manufacturer makes choices about weight, performance, and cost when designing automotive systems. Sporty luxury cars choose lower weight brake systems to improve the performance of the car, less durable pads (higher friction) for more stopping power, and more expensive designs for better safety and reliability,

     We are experts and understanding the compromises made in the design of brake systems and performing the maintenance that each design requires for best results.

     For many drivers in Tempe, brake maintenance is one of the processes that are often overlooked for far too long. Negligence with brake services is not only a safety risk, but is also the leading cause of expensive brake service. As with almost every aspect of car care; brake maintenance is best conducted by ensuring that no components are allowed to break down. The main reason for this is the fact that the costs of maintenance are much lower than the costs of brake repairs or replacements.

    The most common brake maintenance procedure is the replacement of brake pads and shoes. The important thing to remember here is that brake pads and shoes are actually designed to wear down and be replaced at specific intervals. If this is not conducted when required, the brake rotor can develop warps or grooves and may need to resurfaced which machining techniques, or replaced altogether.

     Beyond the replacement of pads and shoes, maintaining the other components of your brakes is just as important, albeit requires less frequently.


    Your brake calipers are what actually squeeze down on the brake rotor and stops the wheel from turning. If your brake calipers are not able to exert enough pressure on the rotor, your stopping power will be severely limited. If you experience a loss in braking power, it most often has something to do with either the brake caliper, or The power braking system.

    Master cylinder

    The master cylinder of the brake system is what does work of pressurizing the hydraulic lines of the brakes. If there is a problem with your master cylinder, you can expect to experience problems stopping your vehicle.

    Power brakes

    the power brake system in your vehicle is the system whereby the force of your foot is amplified and transferred to the brake caliper which applies pressure to the brake pads and stops your car. The power braking system is operated on the principals of hydraulic pressure, so it becomes important to keep this system in excellent repair. One of the more common side effects of a malfunctioning power brakes system is what many drivers refer to as "mushy" brakes. This is often caused by an air bubble forming in the brake lines. There is usually a simple solution to this problem, and is often as simple as bleeding your brakes.

    As a secondary point, an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your brakes is that they require a proper level of brake fluid to operate correctly. In fact, some of the more common brake problems can be addressed and solved by both bleeding the brakes of air and adding some fluid. This is important to keep in mind because it is sometimes very easy to think that a problem is much worse than it is.

    At Arizona Import Specialists, we feel that our customers should never experience lingering questions about the function of their brakes. We offer ourselves as your solution to any and all brake related worries. We understand that the vast majority of drivers feel apprehension about brake maintenance because they are unsure of exactly what needs to be done to bring their brakes back to full function. It is for this reason precisely that we offer access to any of our mechanics, if you wish to understand a little more about what services are being conducted, and why your vehicle would benefit.

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